• Delivery by courier

    Our courier will deliver your order in any point of Moscow, both in MKAD and beyond its limits...

  • Post sending

    We will send your purchase not only to any point of Russia, but also any other country on the planet...

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Personal meeting and pay by cash

We trust our customers and offer different ways of payment and delivery of purchases.

If you first make a purchase in our store and are afraid to make a preliminary payment for the order - we will send a courier to your order to your address. Or, you can always set up a meeting in the Moscow metro. This is useful when the first purchase. All payment you commit himself after make sure they got exactly what you wanted.

Secure payment methods

We only use secure payment methods for orders on our website

If you make a mistake when choosing the method of payment or delivery - do not worry, no matter what method you choose, it can be changed later. Just let us know. If you make a mistake in the amount of your payment or even changed your mind to buy - it does not matter. We will return your payment in full or by part.

  • Natural oils and natural extracts
    Natural oils and natural extracts

    Природная косметика – это такая косметика, которая содержит в большом количестве много натуральных и природных ингредиентов. Они могут быть взяты прямо из природы, а могут быть разработаны.


  • Home makeup pros and cons
    Home makeup pros and cons

    Can you at home to make a good makeup and how it will affect your skin?


  • Pharmaceutical camomile
    Pharmaceutical camomile

    Chamomile - a modest and gentle flower, especially valued by physicians and cosmeticians.


  • Not quite the usual body lotion?
    Not quite the usual body lotion?

    Молочко класса Люкс MAGNALOE 10000 L Canarias Cosmetics увлажняет и борется со старением кожи, оказывает благотворное влияние на её здоровье и внешений вид